Unreal Engine Blueprint Game Developer Online Course, 2021

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I made the course on, their courses are officially recommended by Epic Games to learn Unreal Engine. During the course I completed 3 littles projects so I get familiar with the Unreal Engine interface and concept.

I will show you here the last and major project made during the course, Mars Marine, which is a top down third person shooter where at each wave the aliens are more numerous.

This course allow me to learned good foundation on blueprint language and acquired good practices in Unreal.
I was able to gain an excellent overview of Unreal's main functions : Lighting, Material, Input management, pawn and actor class, game mode, UMG(Unreal Motion Graphics), Sound FX, Basic AI, Animation state machineā€¦

Completing the entire course gave me confidence in my new unreal skills and the desire to learn more advanced techniques.

I also begin their course about Maths for Video Games as I want to improve my skills in programming and computer graphic developpement. website

Gameplay video