KADATH, 2018

{Projet Ecole de Design Nantes} {Unity, C#, Affinity Designer, Adobe Photoshop}

Kadath is a survival horror at the first person made with Unity. It is inspired by the universe of H.P LOVECRAFT, one of my favourite writer. He is named in tribute to The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. It was an individual project achieved in 2 months and half.

I use free assets for the 3D models with PBR texture from, it allow me to quickly reach the desired graphic quality and focus myself on the game design and the C# scripting. I use the Unity Terrain Editing Tools to create the map and adjust myself the Particle System Tool to create the FX, the animation for the player has been made by myself in Unity. The 3D model and the animations for the creatures came from mixamo. I paid special attention to sound design to promote immmersion by using the audio tools of Unity dedicated to the mixing and spatialization of sounds.

I use use agile method to be organised and hold my goals. I use my knowledge in digital photography for lighting and post process the rendering of the game.